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Sunset Shores is “Where life’s stresses disappear with each setting sun.”
Nestled on the eastern shore of Stevenson Lake, in Clare County, Michigan’s famed “gateway to the north,” Sunset Shores is a collection of lakeside cottage rentals. Our cottages are perfect for a family vacation, golf outing, fall colors tour, mid-winter break, romantic getaway, retreats and more!
Stevenson Lake is an all-sports lake approximately 200 acres in size with an average depth of 50 feet.
Each cabin can sleep 6, and includes an efficiency kitchen, living room, bathroom and two bedrooms in a knotty pine, vaulted ceiling décor.
The cottages are rustic, cozy and clean. Above all, they provide a place where you can let life’s pressures release, as you enjoy the simple, savory sweetness of lake life… a sunset, a laugh, a cool breeze rustling through the trees… a place where you can exhale.

Owners: Mike, Trina & family

Mike has had the privilege of coming up to Stevenson Lake since he was born due to his Great Grampa Barney’s foresight of buying the family property on the north shore of Stevenson Lake back in the 1920’s. It was just farmland back then with two-trek roads, but has evolved into a premium “Up North” experience. Barney would come up to this lake from Detroit, with his eight children, one of whom was Gertrude. Gertrude thoroughly enjoyed her time at the lake and after many enjoyable summers raising her seven children there, she chose to live on the lake property in her later years for the tranquil, restful nature that only this property could provide. She was also joined by two of her sisters who shared the same love that was deeply rooted in the calming waves and sweet air from Stevenson Lake. One of Gertrude’s children was Ken, and he, amongst numerous siblings, also continued the tradition of taking his family with three children to the lake for respite. Ken now has a cottage and property also on the shores of this lake. And Ken’s first-born was Mike, who is now continuing this long legacy of the love for Stevenson Lake, as well as the wonderful tradition of unsurpassable family relaxation and bonding with his wife, Trina, and their sons.
“The privilege of having our family property on Stevenson Lake, has been life altering for the strong bonds and memories made there. The swimming, boating, bonfires, biking, relaxing, horse shoes, fireworks, board games or just talking when it rains…..the bonding that happens when sharing these “Up North” experiences is unparalleled. We didn’t even have a TV, internet, satellite or many of the amenities that Sunset Shores currently has today, so some could argue that it’s even better today!
Mike’s family’s dream is not only for their own children and family to continue this wonderful opportunity, but to share it with as many as possible. So many people go through life on the proverbial “hamster wheel”. It’s busy, busy, busy….. This is the chance to slow down and really connect with your own family and create life altering memories of your own. It’s the stuff that may be referenced many years from now as, “Remember, back in the good ol’ days?”. These are those days. Carpe diem.”

Manager: Kristen & family

Kristen’s mom, Vivian, bought the property back in the 1990’s. They appropriately changed the name from “Cookies Cabins” to “Sunset Shores” due to its premium lakeside location and to truly honor the breathtaking views that unfold so frequently in front of this particular property. Kristen began helping her mom in 2014 with many facets of customer service, cooking, and management of the property. She learned the “in’s and out’s” of our wonderful Sunset Shores, and how to help make the guests’ stay most enjoyable.
She now lives on-site at Sunset Shores with her two children, Abby and Alex. “I find working for Sunset Shores my most rewarding experience yet as it allows my preference towards customer service and creativity to shine.” Besides satisfying guests, another goal is for her kids to grow up as upstanding citizens in our Michigan community and learn the value of hard work and reward……the quintessential American dream. This will not only help all guests achieve their “family dream”, but hers as well.

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